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Phone Call Scams

Credit Union of Georgia has received numerous reports from Associated Credit Union, Georgia Federal Credit Union, and LGE Community Credit Union regarding members who have received phishing phone calls from telephone number (647) 476-6037 and (817) 688-7853.

The automated message on these calls does not mention a specific credit union in its request, but simply states that the call has been made to verify certain transactions and asks members to “Press 1” to speak with a service representative. Once transferred, members are then asked to provide their Credit and/or Debit Card information.

If you should receive a call similar to the call described above, do not give out any information, including your Credit and Debit Card information. Instead, take action by immediately ending the call.

If you feel that you may have already fallen victim to this scam, please contact your Credit Union at 678-486-1111 and we will be happy to assist you.

Several reports have been made stating that individuals have been placing phone calls, attempting to collect on non-existent loans by threatening the victim that they will pick them up and take them to court or jail if they do not comply with payment.

The unknown suspects have claimed that they are a collection company for “Pay Day Loans” and “CashNetUSA.” They have represented themselves as “Lancier (or Lanphier) and Associates” and “National Advanced Payday Services.”

They are using a third party billing company known as DTech Evolution in Hicksville, NY. According to one victim, DTech stated that Lancier (Lanphier) is not an authorized collector. DTech states that they have received numerous calls regarding collection scams from this company.

Lancier claims to be located at 1432 Hoffman Lane, Campbell CA. The Campbell Police Department has made contact at this address. It is a legitimate address, but the residents are moving and have no knowledge of this scam.

Some of the names used have been: David Ping, Max Morris, William Conners, Ryan Jones, Robert Richards and David Clark.

Phone numbers they have called from include: 415-223-4101, 201-234-4071, 818-338-5053, 941-961-8515, 810-673-6353, 714-598-4251 and 951-616-6883. The local area code for Campbell is 408.

In some cases the callers have been described as having heavy Indian accents. They have knowledge of the victims, including bank account and personal information. They have also called victims at work and on their cell phones.

The calls are very intimidating, threatening to send court officers to the victims’ homes or places of business to arrest them. They have been able to obtain money from some victims. The loans they are “collecting” on are non-existent.

Elderly consumers in the North Metro Atlanta area have been receiving fraudulent phone calls informing them that their last payment to GA Power Company has not been received and that their power will be shut off immediately unless a credit card payment is posted. The caller then asks the consumer to provide:

  • Credit/Debit Card Number
  • Security Code
  • PIN
  • Expiration Date
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Address

In some cases, individuals have visited the home of the consumer to collect the Credit or Debit Card used for payment.

Credit Union of Georgia would like to ensure the safety of all of our members. In order to prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud, Credit Union of Georgia would like to inform you of recent fraud in your state.

A number of Georgia credit unions in the Augusta area have reported today that their members have been hit by the latest fraud scam, an auto dialer in Georgia. Actual credit union names have been used in some of these calls. Sometimes they say they want credit or debit card data and sometimes they say to “keep your card from deactivating or to reactivate it” give your card info. Some members have fallen for this scam in the past and given out card numbers, PIN numbers, and CVV info. According to the Anti Phishing Work Group, 10%+ of people will give out the info requested by a phishing scam.

The call back numbers being reported today by Augusta area Credit Unions are 786-871-2500 and 202-726-7700. Do not attempt to call these numbers or provide any of your personal or account information.

Security Alert

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